Tennis Courts & Running Tracks Paving Services

Installation defines the integrity of a tennis court or running track. Properly installed, athletes will experience better performance capabilities, and owners will have a durable foundation that will last for years. RoadBuilders has years of experience implementing asphalt tennis court and running tracks throughout the Middle Tennessee area for:

  • Private homeowners

  • Apartments/condominiums

  • Schools

  • Municipalities

There are a number of implementation materials that offer characteristics beneficial to athlete and owner alike. Asphalt is durable, long-wearing, and improves performance. Get the best out of your recreational tennis court and running track by using asphalt.

Asphalt Tennis Court Paving in Nashville TN

asphalt tennis courts

In tennis, there are a couple of different bases to construct the court, but the most popular is asphalt. An asphalt laid court is referred to as a "hard court" and chosen for its durability and customization. Tennis played on these courts are played medium-fast because the asphalt absorbs very little energy. The ball will bounce high and move quickly allowing players an opportunity to apply different spins. If owners are interested in controlling the ball speed, applying more coats of acrylic resurfacing and paint can help.

The asphalt base used in the application is patched, sealed, and painted using an acrylic court surfacing system. It offers a lot of flexibility for customization and owners can implement any colorway they see fit. An asphalt court is built with 4" to 6" compacted rock. The most commonly used is limestone. On top is a 1" asphalt layer followed by an acrylic coat. Special attention is made to ensure the surface is flat. After curing the pavement, the court will be flooded to reveal any low spots that might hinder the players. If low spots are detected, a binder is used to level out the surface.

asphalt running tracks

Runners have a myriad of surface options, but for the best performance, you'll want to choose asphalt. The goal of a running track is safety, performance, and durability. High-quality tracks make a difference for athletes and their ability to run. It's one of the fastest surfaces around because it doesn't absorb energy and offers better traction. Runners can maintain a steady rhythm, and the smooth surface puts a lot less strain on the Achilles tendon. The characteristics of the product make it predictable allowing runners optimum performance.

Asphalt Running Track Paving in Nashville TN

Construction of a running track is a specialized skill and begins from the ground up. Similar to the building of tennis courts, asphalt running tracks start with a stone base, but they receive two layers of asphalt instead of just one. The two layers of pavement with help with uniformity and extend the lifespan by up to twenty years. Drainage is advantageous to the runner and the design of the track. It will move water away from the surface so as not to disrupt the athlete but also to maintain the integrity of the asphalt.

Nashville Asphalt Tennis Court and Running Tracks

Asphalt is comprised of gravel/stone and tar to create a durable surface optimal for athletes. Using pavement applications is more affordable, safer, and enduring. Let RoadBuilders help you design a new tennis court or running track. Contact us today to learn more.