tar and chip driveways

When you are thinking about home maintenance, your considerations should include your driveway. Cracking, crumbling, or holes negatively impact the foundation and affect your investment. At RoadBuilders, we've been helping residents find the optimal driveway material that will provide many benefits to their property. Tar and Chip driveways are an affordable option because they:

  • Enhance curb appeal

  • Are long-lasting

  • Easy to install

  • Offer great traction

We can help homeowners with information about materials and installation so they can get the most out of their driveway.

Tar and Chip Driveway Paving in Nashville TN

what is a tar and chip driveway?

Tar and chip differ from asphalt but are still highly beneficial. The construction is called "Macadam" after its creator. It was developed for water-bound roads before the natural evolution of the pavement process leads us to the traditional tar-based asphalt. The idea was to create a solid structure that didn't kick up as much dirt and a simple gravel driveway.

choosing a tar and chip driveway

A benefit for residential property owners for choosing a tar and chip driveway is the ease of installation and the ability to be installed over existing materials. Like most driveway applications, tar and chip begin with a layer of loose gravel to form the substrate. Once the gravel is applied, hot liquid asphalt is poured on top quickly followed by a coat of loose stones. These stones are rolled in the pavement and are part of the finished surface.

A critical component of the tar and chip installation is choosing the perfect stone for your final layer. Rocks are a naturally occurring material that is resistant to most wear and tear from frequent driving and friction from tires. You can choose your final layer based on the properties of the rocks or color. Stones are available in many colors which means your tar and chip driveway can improve your curb appeal.

the benefits of tar and chip driveways

Easy maintenance driveway tar and chip paving in Nashville TN

When it comes to choosing the right driveway for your home, tar and chip have properties conducive to residential areas.

  • Low Cost - Saving money with a tar and chip driveway is possible because it's easy to install and doesn't require sealcoating like asphalt.

  • Better Traction - The final layer of stones are pressed into the liquid asphalt creating a texture on the surface. This texture offers drivers a lot more traction.

  • Less Maintenance - After installing a tar and chip driveway, you won't need to worry about sealing, patching, or crack filling.  

  • Durable - The components are roughly the same as pavement which means they will withstand hot and cold temperatures and hold up against daily driving.

  • Curb Appeal - Improving your home's appearance adds value to your property. Tar and chip driveways can look luxurious and add color to the exterior.

maintaining a tar and chip driveway

When it comes to maintenance, it doesn't require conventional coatings like asphalt. If properly installed, a tar and chip driveway will last around ten years. After which, homeowners can simply hire a trusted paving company to add an additional layer of stones to the surface. Special attention needs to be paid to the removal of snow. Avoid using machinery that would aggravate the surface. Use a shovel or snow blower to maintain integrity

tar and chip nashville

The downside to this specific driveway installation is the attention needed to complete the project correctly. That being said, not every paving company has the know-how to lay a tar and chip driveway. RoadBuilders has the expertise to make this a reality. Contact us to learn more about the benefits and the installation process.