Commercial & Residential Sealcoating Nashville

For over 20 years, RoadBuilders has helped both residential and commercial property owners maintain their asphalt. The utilization of sealcoating provides a superior level of protection against weather, wear and tear, and traffic. Without this type of maintenance, you can expect your pavement to accrue cracks, divots, holes, and deteriorate at a much faster rate. The process is designed to shield the pavement from damages. It does not cover up and cracks or holes that have already formed. That's why it's essential to begin this process as early as possible to preserve longevity. At RoadBuilders, we're here to provide you with sealcoating to help:

  • Reduce maintenance needs

  • Protects the binder

  • Improve curb appeal

  • Slow down natural wear and tear

  • Minimize damage from water and UV rays

  • Provide an anti-slip surface

Sealcoating Asphalt Pavement in Nashville TN

wHAT IS SEAlcoating?

Asphalt pavement is a material made from rocks/stone, gravel, and a binder. The binder's job is to keep the aggregate together and maintain the lifespan of your pavement. Over time, natural wear and tear will start breaking down the binder, but the most significant threats are things like water and UV damage. These elements make the material brittle and will cause cracks or holes to form on the surface. If these appear, you can cause damage to your vehicle and have a very unattractive driveway or parking lot.

Sealcoating is an additional layer of protection. It's a formulation of products that act as a weather and waterproof sealant. At Roadbuilders, we can apply sealcoating to your residential or commercial pavement needs to improve lifespan and the appearance. Sealcoating contributes a deep, rich black hue to the asphalt that enhances the overall aesthetic. Regularly scheduling sealcoating maintenance with RoadBuilders will increase the durability of your pavement and potentially save you thousands of dollars in future repairs.

protect asphalt with sealcoating

Tennessee is lucky to experience all four seasons. However, the weather is one of the biggest threats to asphalt pavement. In the winter, when temperatures dip all the way down to freezing, the asphalt begins to shrink and create tension. If this tension persists, cracks will start to appear on the surface. A rapid succession of colder temperatures means the asphalt can begin to crack even quicker. When the snow and ice begin to melt, the soil beneath the asphalt becomes saturated with water. The longer the asphalt maintains contact with water, the more significant the damages can become. Water is one of the biggest threats to preserving pavement, and seal coating helps by creating a barrier. Sealing your asphalt will improve its lifespan and prevent additional water seeping through the cracks which could further erode and cause deterioration of the pavement.

Summer heat oxidizes the pavement when prolonged to intense UV rays. During the oxidation process, the oils inside the asphalt combine to create heavier oils that result in a brittle material. When it's vulnerable, there are more issues with damages and cracks forming. Sealcoating your driveway with RoadBuilders will shield the asphalt from absorbing too many UV rays. The result is a healthy balance of oils and a well-protected driveway or parking lot.


Improve Curb Appeal with Sealcoating in Nashville

Over time, the binding agent mixed in with the asphalt aggregate will begin to deteriorate slowly. This is normal when subjected to the friction from cars. Sealcoating improves curb appeal in a few different ways. The coating provides a rich black tone to the surface of the pavement giving it a more attractive appearance. It also has anti-slip properties meaning wheels are less likely to do more damage from spinning and sliding on the surface.

For commercial properties, when you apply a sealcoating to your road or parking lot, you make it easier for street sweepers to keep your property clean. Trash or debris won't stick as readily to the surface and can be swept up to retain a beautiful appearance. If your commercial property is found in a high-traffic area, aggregate will easily pull out of the pavement allowing water to penetrate the material. When cracks begin to form, the curb appeal of your asphalt diminishes.

sealcoating SERVICE in nashville, tn

Don't wait to coat your asphalt. Failing to do so will cost you more money down the line in repairs. RoadBuilders can help you protect your residential and commercial asphalt with our sealcoating service. Regular maintenance will advance its durability and help keep it looking beautiful.