Perma-Paving Nashville

For over 20 years, Roadbuilders has been helping commercial and residential property owners maintain their asphalt. Throughout the Middle Tennessee area, we've helped rectify paving issues through our perma-pave paving. The process is ideal for parking lots, driveways, and roads that suffer from severe cracking in both the foundation and on the surface. Both of which can lead to severe foundation issues and shorten the lifespan of your asphalt paving. With the Perma-Pave service, we can help you:

  • Prevent further damages

  • Restore integrity

  • Defend against UV and water damage

  • Enhance curb appeal

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The Benefits of Perma-Pave for Your Home or Business

Asphalt is a durable, long-lasting building material used to lay driveways, parking lots, and roads. Gravel and stone used in the mixture lend themselves to the stable structure. They are both naturally occurring elements that are resistant to wear and tear from friction. Asphalt also includes a binding agent that is traditionally a product like tar. The tar in the mixture gives asphalt its natural black hue and also provides the material with some spring back or flexibility.

Regular use, constant pressure from heavy traffic, or improper installation can cause asphalt to erode or crack prematurely. Any extra weight from heavy cars or trucks causes cracks or holes to develop on the surface or the foundation. Exposure to fluctuating temperatures means the material is expanding and contracting. These sudden dips or spikes in weather will make it vulnerable to damage. Perma-Paving is a process that tackles imperfections and issues at their source without the need to lay an entirely new parking lot or driveway. It's a treatment designed to extend the life of your asphalt and rectify any flaws in the material. Perma-Paving can add years to your asphalt paving.

Protect Your Property From Reflective Cracking

Cracks present themselves in a myriad of ways. Their formation means there is an issue with the material and without proper treatment can begin to affect the foundation. Damages to the foundation require serious reconstruction that most property owners want to avoid. As the season's change in Tennessee, the spikes or dips in temperatures makes the asphalt susceptible to fracturing. While some cracks that appear may look superficial, they are an opening that exposes the base inviting a whole host of problems that can be avoided.

Asphalt is a superior building material because it can move. As previously mentioned, the binding agent allows for more flexibility. Compared to firmer materials such as concrete, you'll get more wear out of your asphalt. But, it's not indestructible and constant exposure to extreme cold, heat, or carrying a lot of heavy traffic will make it brittle. UV rays from the summer sun will dry out oils making it inelastic. The cold can add tension to the material causing it to crack. Constant friction from heavy traffic will wear down the surface, weakening the structure, and provide an opportunity for splitting to occur. Roadbuilders can use Perma-Paving to help prevent issues like reflective cracking becoming a problem that affects the integrity of the asphalt.

Repairing Your Asphalt with Perma-Paving

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Resurfacing is your first line of defense against serious foundation issues that arise from the formulation of cracks. This protective layer can stop them from expanding and turning into holes that expose the base. There are instances where cracks under the surface reappear in the same spot on the newly laid material. This action is called "reflective cracking" as it mirrors the same size, shape, and location.

Cracks under the resurfacing can cause stress. This stress can transfer from the under the overlay to the top and affect the performance of durability of the asphalt. The Perma-Pave process was developed as a solution to the reflective cracking. Through the use of specially formulated liquid asphalt and bonding agents, RoadBuilders can repair reflective cracking without the need for an entirely new driveway, parking lot, or road.

Nashville perma-paving services

Find a solution to your reflective cracking through our Perma-Paving service. Our team of experts can evaluate your situation and recommend the best course of action for Perma-Paving your asphalt. Don't let the integrity of your asphalt suffer. Contact RoadBuilders today for more information.