Middle Tennessee Commercial Paving

One of the most significant concerns for commercial property owners is maintaining their drive and parking lot. Much of their business revolves around keeping up appearances, and when your asphalt begins to crack or warp, there is a whole new level of issues you will need to consider.

Commercial Paving Services In Nashville TN

Cracks in the foundation can create problems for drivers. It can damage wheels, spin tires, and reduce traction. When not properly maintained, there could be ramifications and you as the property owner could be held liable. From installation to striping, we provide various commercial properties with services that improve business. By working with RoadBuilders, we can help you achieve your goals with affordable paving services.

laying asphalt driveways & parking lots

Asphalt is a superior material choice for laying commercial drives and parking lots. For starters, asphalt is incredibly durable with a lifespan of 10 to 20 years. The material is formed through the mixing of gravel, stone, and a binding substance. The most common is tar, which gives the blacktop appearance. It can hold its own against heavy traffic and temperatures changes that most often occur in Tennessee. Benefits of asphalt include:

  • Sustainability

  • Slip-resistance

  • Visibility of markings

  • Lessening of spring back

  • Long-lifespan

  • Low-maintenance

Another reason for choosing this solid-surface material is it allows commercial property owners to apply markings to indicate parking spots, safety zones, and more. Many state and federal laws are in place for those who provide parking to patrons or employees. Asphalt offers the necessary canvas to meet those regulations. Working with RoadBuilders, we can pave your parking lot or drive with superior craftsmanship at an affordable cost.

Striping Commercial Parking Lots in Nashville TN

striping commercial parking lots

Pavement markings are incredibly important. They guide traffic, indicate different zones, and outline parking spaces. When pedestrians or motorists use your public parking lot or drive, they will require visible markings to help them maneuver safely. There are a few different forms of markings that you might need for your commercial property. The most common are lines to separate traffic, indicate parking spaces, or indicate a stop. This application is defined by using either a solid line or broken line to show to drivers what is required of them.

Additionally, your commercial space might need the definition of a crosswalk or the use of symbols and arrows. Crosswalks are essential if you expect a lot of pedestrians and motorists to meet. It helps drivers be alert of and look out for anyone who might be walking into your building. Symbols are needed to outline handicap spaces and arrows are often used to direct traffic. At RoadBuilders, we provide a variety of coating technologies that are durable against weather and high-traffic. Our striping machines also comply with local, state, and federal codes which means you can rest assured you will get the most from our commercial striping service.

asphalt patching

When asphalt is exposed to high and low temperatures, it can expand and contract that causes the material to split. When temps hover around freezing, asphalt tightens, and the tension makes it vulnerable to cracks. In high heat, UV rays strip the material of moisture forcing oils to mix and become heavy. This oxidation also makes the material susceptible to damage. Overall, the longevity of pavement is higher than other materials, but there are opportunities for warping, divots, and cracks to appear in the foundation.

For many commercial property owners, the biggest concern for running their business is staying on budget. While imperfections in the pavement can cause problems to motorists, it's not always necessary to pay to have a brand new parking lot or drive laid down. Asphalt patching provide targeted improvements to the surface. It works as a preventative step towards further damage and also enhances curb appeal. At RoadBuilders, our experienced team members can improve the life of your commercial parking lot or driveway.

Gravel Parking Lots and roads for Commercial Properties

If you have a smaller business that isn't subjected to high-traffic, a gravel parking lot or drive might be one of the better solutions. Gravel is exceptionally long-lasting and requires very little maintenance which is a bonus for commercial property owners. The installation is straightforward as well. Gravel is usually a mixture of small stones and often combined with sand or clay to bind together. The application starts with removing the topsoil before laying down a fabric barrier. Finally, the stones are laid on top and brushed into place. The only thing you'll have to concern yourself with in terms of maintenance is regular grading and the removal of weeds. To learn more, contact RoadBuilders today.