RoadBuilders is a family owned and operated paving business, helping commercial and residential properties in Middle Tennessee. For over 20 years, we've helped the community solve paving issues through resurfacing asphalt. Resurfacing provides many benefits. It's a preventative treatment that extends the life of your pavement. Without resurfacing, cracks, crumbling and blistering can lead to severe foundational issues. RoadBuilders resurfacing service will help

  • Improve lifespan
  • Prevent further damages
  • Protects from additional UV and water damage
  • Improve your property's curb appeal

What Asphalt Resurfacing Can Do for Your Home or Business

Asphalt is a durable product made from a mixture of gravel and stone and a binding such as tar which lends itself the rich black hue. The finished product can last anywhere from ten to twenty years, depending on the maintenance of the asphalt. Often, heavy traffic and weather can have negative impacts on the condition of the material and cause unnecessary damage.

Constant weight from heavy traffic or when the original asphalt was laid improperly, can put pressure on the material. As a result, the added weight can cause cracks and divots to form in the surface. Additionally, when asphalt is exposed to fluctuating temperatures, the material will expand and contract. Sudden dips or spikes can cause cracks in the surface to form on the surface. Resurfacing is the technique of applying a top layer of asphalt to your property to eliminate these imperfections from becoming more extensive problems. This application can add additional years of life to your driveway or parking lot.

Protect Your Property by Resurfacing Asphalt

When cracks begin to form in the foundation of your asphalt, you're opening yourself up to a whole host of new problems. Cracks present themselves in a myriad of ways. Tennessee residents are lucky enough to experience all four seasons, but when the weather begins to fluctuate the asphalt becomes susceptible to damages. Cracks on the surface may seem innocent, but they can lead to considerable problems. If they reach the foundation, you'll need to consider repaving the entire area.

Asphalt is beneficial to properties because it moves. This movement allows for the material to last longer. But, exposure to extreme heat or higher temperature means your driveway or parking lot becomes brittle. Summer sun exposes the material to UV rays for prolonged periods of time. Oxidation begins to deplete the asphalt of the necessary oils causing cracks in the surface. In the winter, ice creates tension and often results in a cracked surface. Most cracks start as minor imperfections, but if not maintained become more significant problems. Resurfacing with RoadBuilders will make it easier to protect your asphalt from damage that is beyond repair.


Resurfacing Improves Curb Appeal

Resurfacing is the first line of defense against serious foundation issues. The added layer can put a stop to the expansion of minor damages turning into larger ones. In the end, you'll save money and improve your curb appeal. Your parking lot or driveway is a highly-visible aspect of your home or business. The binding agent used to make asphalt wears down over time. If your street, driveway, or parking lot is in a  heavy traffic zone or continuously under pressure from huge trucks, the added weight causes friction to the surface.

Crumbling, blistering, or cracking can become unsightly. A smooth, clean parking lot will attract more customers, and it will make it easier to keep them safe while on the property. A driveway free from imperfections is easier on your vehicle. Letting the cracks expand or divots to widen provides opportunities for damage to your car. Overall, resurfacing will improve the appearance of your home or business.

Nashville Resurfacing Services

Hire an expert today to help you assess the condition of your asphalt. Failing to implement preventative treatments such as resurfacing will cost more in repairs down the line. RoadBuilders can evaluate your situation and offer the best course of action for resurfacing your asphalt.