asphalt repairs

Asphalt itself is a hard-wearing material but has some enemies. The two most significant threats include water and UV damage. Asphalt pavement moves with the rising and falling of temperatures. If the material doesn't have any form of protection against the changing of the seasons it can cause cracking or warping.

Other issues pavement has to contend with is gas and oil. Gas and oil are heavy elements that can leak from cars onto the pavement. They are capable of saturating the surface and sometimes the foundation of asphalt. Over time, the weight of these materials will degrade the quality of your pavement and cause surface damage.

The earlier you can identify structural issues with asphalt repair services, the quicker you can stop the spreading of cracks, holes, or crumbling. Eliminating any water or oil from seeping into the foundation is your first line of defense against severing damage. Fortunately, there are many repair options to help improve the performance of your pavement.

Asphalt Pavement Repairs in Nashville TN

resurfacing asphalt pavement

Resurfacing your asphalt pavement in the first line of defense against severe issues to the base of your parking lot, driveway, or road. The process includes an added layer that halts the expansion of minor cracks and divots turning into something much more significant. Smooth, clean pavement keeps your property and drivers safe from damages.

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sealcoating asphalt pavement

A formulation of products, sealcoating is designed to act as a weather and waterproof sealant. Harmful UV rays zap aggregate of essential oils that keep it healthy. Without these oils, the pavement becomes brittle. Any additional weight to the surface will add stress that leads to cracking or crumbling resulting in an uneven surface.

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crack filling

Ashpalt patching repair in Nashville TN

Proper maintenance of your blacktop is a preventative step towards irreversible damages to the substrate. Deterioration of any kind is noticeable and will immediately affect a property's curb appeal. Crack filling includes removing surface debris and then utilizing either a hot or cold crack filler to fill up the blemishes to the asphalt.

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asphalt patching

It's normal for building materials to require maintenance over time. Fixing your driveway or parking lot is part of owning a property. But, repairing the entire structure is not always necessary. Imperfections from regular use can easily be covered with asphalt patching. Thin layers of new asphalt are applied over cracks, holes, or dips to improve the integrity of your blacktop.

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perma-pave paving

Asphalt is a superior paving material because of its durable properties. However, without proper care, the blacktop can wear out or become brittle making it susceptible to damages. Resurfacing is an overlay to stop cracks from spreading, but if not correctly applied these cracks from the underlay can mirror in the overlay. Perma-Pave paving prevents reflective cracking become a problem.

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pavement milling

When you pavement is beyond repair, pavement milling is a service that removes aggregate recycles it into new, usable asphalt. Through the use of heavy machinery, either the surface or the entire depth of the pavement is ground into new building materials. This application is best for damaged substrates that are beyond minor rehabilitation.

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repairing asphalt in Nashville

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