Asphalt is a superior material choice for laying industrial parking lots and driveways. With a lifespan of about 10 to 20 years, it's one of the more durable options on the market. The material is formed from a mixture of gravel, stone, and a binding agent. There are various binding agents available, but the most commonly used is tar. The addition of resin gives asphalt a rich black hue and why it's often called "blacktop." The product can withstand heavy traffic and the fluctuating temperatures native to Tennessee. The benefits of using asphalt include:

  • Longevity
  • Less upkeep
  • Sustainability
  • Slip-resistance
  • Application of markings
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Overall, choosing asphalt will provide years of high-performance use for your industrial property.

How Issues Formulate in Pavement

When asphalt is exposed to high and low temperatures, it can expand and contract that causes the material to split. When temps hover around freezing, asphalt tightens, and the tension makes it vulnerable to cracks. In high heat, UV rays strip the material of moisture forcing oils to mix and become heavy. This oxidation also makes the material susceptible to damage. Overall, the longevity of pavement is higher than other materials, but there are opportunities for warping, divots, and cracks to appear in the foundation.

Striping Services for Industrial Parking Lots and Drives

Another reason for choosing this solid-surface material such as asphalt is it allows industrial property owners to apply markings to indicate parking spots, safety zones, and more. It can help motorists and pedestrians navigate the flow of traffic and reduce the chances of injury or an accident. Many state and federal laws are in place for those who provide parking to patrons or employees. Asphalt offers the necessary canvas to meet those regulations. Working with RoadBuilders, we can pave your parking lot or drive with superior craftsmanship at an affordable cost.

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Repairing Your Asphalt with Resurfacing and Crack Filling

Cracks can form on the surface of your pavement. It happens organically from regular use, but without proper maintenance, these cracks can become larger problems. Whether it's from improper installation or the friction of traffic, small blemishes can lead to crumbling, potholes, and blistering. All of which are larger problems that will cost more money to repair. Fortunately, there are preventative treatment services for your asphalt such as resurfacing and crack filling. Resurfacing will apply a fresh 2" coat to the top of your parking lot or drive. It will help reduce the option of needing an entirely new paving treatment. Crack filling works similarly. Professional tools are used to apply a unique mixture that fills in surface cracks.

Asphalt Patching Your Industrial Property

Imperfections naturally present themselves when the pavement is regularly used. As an owner of an industrial property, there are many aspects to consider and staying under budget is very important. Eliminating minor problems that appear on your blacktop will help save money in the long run. Asphalt patching provides targeted improvements to the surface. It can improve curb appeal in addition to inhibiting further damage. It's not always necessary to pay for an entirely new drive or parking lot, and asphalt patching can help.

Sealcoating to Improve Curb Appeal

Sealcoating is an additional layer of protection that provides many benefits. It's a culmination of products that act as a barrier protecting against weather and improves driving conditions. Sealcoating will shield against harmful UV rays. The result is a well-protected pavement with a healthy balance of oils for prolonged usage. The process also improves traction for tires and allows any type of oil or fuel to easily run off rather than be absorbed. The product applied to the surface of the pavement in high-traffic areas reduces the amount of aggregate lost. It will also increase curb appeal by adding a semi-glossy and rich black hue.

Gravel Parking Lots and Drives for Industrial Properties

If you have a smaller business that isn't subjected to high-traffic, a gravel parking lot or drive might be one of the better solutions. Gravel is exceptionally long-lasting and requires very little maintenance which is a bonus for industrial property owners. The installation is straightforward as well. Gravel is usually a mixture of small stones and often combined with sand or clay to bind together. The application starts by removing the topsoil before laying down a fabric barrier. Finally, the stones are laid on top and brushed into place. The only thing you'll have to concern yourself with in terms of maintenance is regular grading and the removal of weeds. To learn more, contact RoadBuilders today.