Crack Filling and Striping

Asphalt is a durable substance that will last for decades. But, like most construction materials proper care and regular maintenance will help it last even longer. A frequent discrepancy includes the formation of cracks.

Most cracks develop from overexposure to UV rays or being subjected to harsh weather like snow and ice. UV rays from the sun will zap the pavement of the necessary oils to keep it healthy. On the opposite end of the spectrum are snow and ice. Ice is heavy and adds tension. When it finally thaws, the asphalt is fragile and can warp. Lots of traffic from motorists put pressure and strain on the pavement. Over time, this will lead to the development of cracks.

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Cracking Filling Pavement

Excess exposure to water is one of the worst things for asphalt. Too much, under any circumstance can cause cracks to appear on the surface. These types of openings invite a lot of debris or water to settle at the foundation. Accumulation of dirt creates the perfect bed for weeds to grow. Plants can make cracks become larger making it unsafe for drivers and pedestrians. Additionally, water has a much easier time getting inside. Water will lay next to and be readily absorbed by the asphalt. This action also lends itself to unnecessary damages. It can create potholes as well as expand the size of the crack.

Proper maintenance of a blacktop is taking action against any imperfection on the surface. Deterioration of any kind is immediately noticeable and will usually present itself after a harsh summer or winter where there was a lot of snow and ice. Keeping your pavement in good working condition includes preventative treatments such as crack filling. When done correctly by a trusted professional, you can extend the life of your blacktop. The first step would involve removing any debris from the affected area and adequately clean it in preparation for the application. There are both hot and cold pour crack fillers. A professional will determine the best method and utilize specialized equipment such as a heat lance to solidify the filler to the asphalt. The result is a healthier asphalt surface for both commercial and residential properties.  

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Striping Commercial Parking Lots and Driveways

This is a lot to be said about the importance of marking pavement. They help pedestrians and drivers in a number of ways that makes it easier for them to navigate safely around your property. They can guide the direction of traffic, outline different zones, and identify parking spaces. Anyone who uses your parking lot or commercial drive will need these visible markings to maneuver safely. What you will need depends on your property, business, and traffic needs.

Most commercial properties rely on lines to separate traffic, indicate a stop, or to divide up parking spaces. Further definition is extended by using broken or unbroken lines to show motorists how to traverse through your commercial space safely.  

Some commercial properties host a lot of pedestrian traffic in addition to cars and motorcycles. Striping is useful in defining the designated crosswalk. Crosswalks are necessary to provide visitors to your establishment a safe point of entry into the building. It also lets motorists know that they are interacting with an area that is high in foot traffic. It will provide them with an opportunity to watch for people entering and exiting the property. The process of striping can create arrows or symbols to add to the narrative. You can also dedicate an area as a "load in zone" or as handicap space. At Roadbuilders, we provide our clients with the latest coating technologies that withstand heavy traffic and weather. Additionally, our striping machines comply with local, state, and federal laws so you can rest assured you are getting the most from your commercial striping service.

Striping and Crack Filling Services in Nashville

RoadBuilders works with commercial property owners to help them maintain their asphalt. When the pavement is in proper working order, motorists and pedestrians are free from unnecessary injuries. Utilizing striping and crack filling services will improve the lifespan of the blacktop and the property's curb appeal.