How Sealcoating Improves Curb Appeal

Owning property is a big investment. Any changes you make should add value. Your choice of building materials is one of them, and working with asphalt provides numerous benefits. Pavement is exposed to harsh weather and a lot of use. Over time, the material will deteriorate. But, there are ways you can protect your asphalt and improve your curb appeal with sealcoating.

What is Sealcoating?

Sealcoating is a protective layer for your pavement. It's a combination of compounds that give the surface an illustrious and smooth look. Asphalt will succumb to natural wear and tear like any other building material. Sealcoating is thin and resides just on the exterior and boasts many properties that are good for the overall condition of your blacktop. It will extend the lifespan, resisting common cosmetic blemishes. One of the better attributes is its ability to improve curb appeal for both commercial and residential properties.

Prevents Small Blemishes

Making your property attractive to buyers is critical. Sealcoating can help long before you even put it on the market. We've already mentioned its protective, but if you treat the process as part of the maintenance for your pavement, you will notice the benefits. Regular use of the asphalt results in a slow deterioration of the product. It's to be expected, but the aggregate dislodges. Weaknesses on this scale will show when you are trying to make improvements to your property. Not to mention, the loose aggregate will ding cars and eventually turn into more substantial issues.

Protects from Weather Discoloring

Pavement is exposed to weather 100% of the time. It's an outdoor building material. That being said high heat, freezes, UV rays, water, and other debris would gradually diminish the look of your blacktop. The sun, both in the winter and summer, oxidizes the surface making it look dull. It can also weaken it over time. Sealcoating rejuvenates the pavement giving it back the rich hue it once had and a glossy appearance.

Get the most out of your commercial or residential asphalt with sealcoating.

Fights Against Cold Weather

Colder weather is harsh on all products. But, asphalt can really suffer. The ice will melt slowly on other materials like concrete, but sealcoating can help speed up the thawing process. This will help with curb appeal in a couple of different ways. First, if the ice and snow melt quicker the weight on the constricted material won't cause erosion. As we know, erosion will lead to a weaker product resulting in cracks, divots, and other cosmetic and structural issues. Secondly, you have that extra protection between your blacktop and road salts if you have commercial property. Salt is fantastic for preventing ice from forming and keeping parking lots safe. But, they can be hard on the asphalt's surface. Sealcoating will give you that protective layer to keep it looking new.

Resists Oil and Gas Spills

Oil spills and grease transcend both commercial and residential properties. It's a reality of working with cars. Grease stains are unsightly. They will show the age of your driveway or parking lot. Not to mention, the weight of the oil can seep into the foundation of the substrate causing additional issues. Sealcoating is resistant to oil spills meaning it won't readily absorb into the underlying materials. There's also the added benefit of the sealcoating color. The color is a deep rich hue that won't let stains be as noticeable.

Pro tip: Use Dawn detergent to get rid of oil stains. Apply a generous amount and use a large bristle brush. When you see the oil pulling form the asphalt hose it with water. Repeat the process until the stain is gone.

Improves Appearance

Sealcoating transforms the appearance of a blacktop. The glossy surface will make it look cleaner and newer. It can hide small cracks and blemishes to give a fresher, resilient appearance. The color won't fade as quickly in the hot summer sun and can improve the visibility of striping in parking lots.

What Sealcoating Won't Do

Keep in mind, sealcoating is not the solution for larger issues. If you have severe cracks or potholes, they will need to be corrected with asphalt patching and crack filling services. Deterioration to the surface can cause foundational issues and should be inspected by a local asphalt paving contractor. They will give guidance on the best way to manage the issues.

Asphalt Resurfacing

Roads, driveways, and parking lots that display cosmetic blemishes like cracks and holes that have not been turned into foundational matters can be rectified with asphalt resurfacing. It's another option to improve curb appeal without the cost of putting down brand pavement. It applies a thin layer over the surface of your current blacktop. If you choose to go down this road, get sealcoating for added protection.

Are you ready to see the difference?

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