Holiday RoadTrips: Travel Safely With These Construction Zone Tips

Travel Safely For the Holidays

When you travel for the holiday it’s usually for a longer distance than normal, so it’s critical to be prepared for unexpected events, delays or detours. There are many frustrating factors about driving during the holiday season. The traffic, the weather and the long hours spent in a car all add up to some not-so-fun times. Another major wrinkle on many road trips is dealing with constant construction or road work. With the increase in drivers on the road, there are some key practices to keep in mind when working your way through these constructions zone routes.

How to Stay Safe When Traveling Through Construction Zones

There are countless annoying nuances when your holiday travel route includes construction zones. On average the 94.7 million people who adventure by the car will go for over 50 miles or more. Often travelers will have to endure multiple interstates, freeways and unfamiliar neighborhoods. These roads can be sprinkled with numerous construction projects from road repairs or maintenance to major bridge or building repairs and builds. We have a handful of expert tips to make sure you and your family arrive at your holiday festivities safe and sound.

Prepare for Delays, Detours & Traffic

One of the biggest qualms of holiday travel is the (what seems like) endless delays deriving from built up traffic. This traffic is often caused by roadblocks for construction work or an accident. By preparing ahead of time and expecting these types of setbacks you can avoid potential conflicts or frustrations. Be proactive and map out multiple routes so you can easily navigate through these slower zones and have the option to switch it up need be. Remember to pack snacks and if you have kiddos in the car pack some easy car activities, too!

Stay Focused & Attentive While Driving

It seems as though this should go without saying, however, it’s particularly pertinent to pay close attention when traveling through construction zones. There are numerous interacting factors that occur on a construction site and this can directly affect the travelers driving through. You have workers walking around from spot to spot, large machines moving around and transferring objects or industrial material and more which means you should be extremely alert. Minimize distractions such as your cell phone or the temptation to scan through the radio. This way you are aware of your surroundings and any potential threats or detours stemming from the road work.  

Follow the Rules of the Road & Instructions of the Workers

Snowballing off of the point to stay aware and alert, that means you’ll be able to pay attention to any instructions given by the construction workers. You should always follow the fundamental rules of the road such as obeying the posted speed limit, merging from correct lanes, using directionals, etcetera. On top of that, there are specific construction zone rules and instructions that are put in place to keep the workers and drivers safe. Another keynote is the risk of increased penalization if a driver fails to abide by the authoritative directions and rules. Every state, except Wisconsin, has penalty laws in place specifically for work zones. Keep that in mind when driving through these allocated works zones and it'll be a nice reminder to follow the rules of the road.

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Follow Proper Night Driving Tips

Construction work is usually scheduled to occur during late night or early morning hours in order to avoid any disturbance to commuters. The workers will always have brightly colored uniforms on and plenty of industrial lighting to ensure visibility for them and drivers passing through. Make sure your headlights are clean and clear before taking off for your travels so your ability to navigate clearly won’t be impacted.

Keep your headlights on throughout low-light and night driving especially on these long-haul interstates. You will be able to see any construction zone signage or potential objects like cones on the road. Now, although high beams should be used when necessary make sure to turn them down when driving directly through a work zone. It could be really dangerous if you create a blinding glare for the workers.

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