Everything You Need to Know About Installing an Asphalt Driveway

A properly installed asphalt driveway has many benefits for your home including increased curb appeal, durability, and sustainability. Roadbuilders Paving can implement an asphalt driveway for our home or business with innovative and efficient methods. Whether you are looking to install a fresh, new residential asphalt driveway or simply replace or repair your existing one; there are some key components to the installation process you should note.

What is an Asphalt Driveway

In environments like ours in Middle Tennessee, it’s critical to have durable, long-lasting material for your driveway to keep up with the fluctuating weather. From high heat to damaging storms an asphalt driveway will be able to maintain high-quality through it all. Similar to a gravel driveway in its base makeup of rock, stone, and gravel there is a crucial component of asphalt that sets it above the rest. The binding component of asphalt material utilizes adhesive tar or a similar petroleum-based product creating a multi-layer design and in the end a strong, dependable driveway.

There are a handful of advantageous reasons to install an asphalt driveway. Some of those include:

5 Things You Should Know About Installing Your Asphalt Driveway

Now that you know why it’s a beneficial choice to choose an asphalt driveway, let’s dive into five crucial things you should know about the installation process and shortly thereafter. Understanding the method we use to create a seamlessly stunning driveway for your home is important for a few reasons. One is simply knowing the proper method so you can rest assured Roadbuilders is delivering what you want and need. Another is so that during and shortly after your new asphalt driveway is laid down, you will be knowledgeable on all the nuances making maintenance that much easier!

Edging Your Driveway and Transition Spots

When choosing to install an asphalt driveway you probably know why it’s a better residential choice in comparison to concrete. Not only is an asphalt surface more affordable, but also sustains a longer lifespan, is environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing. It also blends well with your surrounding sidewalks, garage floors or yard.

These transition areas around your asphalt driveway should not have any prominent high or low spots creating lips or bumps. Every home is different, with various elevations, garage placement, sidewalk transitions and more. In order to ensure your driveway is easy to walk and drive on and will maintain it’s strength, edging during the installation process is vital. Shortly after installation avoid driving over the edges of your driveway in order to allow the surface to fully cure.

How Can Weather Affect the Installation Process

Just like weather can affect your asphalt driveway altogether, it is also can affect the installation process. There are some components to consider when deciding when to install your asphalt driveway. Although the durability of the material can be properly laid in a light drizzle, heavy and constant rain can cause a  major strain in the process. Opting for dryer months, but not too hot, is your best option for a smooth paving project. Even though there are ideal conditions, asphalt is a lot more weather resistant than concrete creating more installation convenience to fit around your schedule.

How Long to Wait Until You Can Drive on Your Asphalt Driveway

The biggest concern for homeowners when taking on any renovation project is the inconveniences that might be posed because of the work being done. By committing to the installation of an asphalt driveway, the turnover time isn’t anything to worry about. On average after your asphalt driveway is installed you should avoid walking or driving over the fresh surface for three days. However, if the paving of your driveway occurs during higher temp days, you may need to extend the time for another three days or so. This way you can avoid any scuffing or molding due to the high heat making elongating the drying process.

It usually takes anywhere between six months to a year for the asphalt surface to fully harden and process, so be sure to seal coat your surface adding an extra layer of potent protection. This will help prevent damage for weather conditions, heavy machinery, and other typical wear and tear factors. Avoiding sharp shoes such as sports cleats, sharp shovels, oil spills and giving your asphalt its full time to harden will ensure a durable driveway.

Materials, Machines and Man Power

Another aspect of the installation process is the equipment used, the materials, the crew and the time it takes to complete. Depending on the size of your driveway and certain specifications or unique requests, your new driveway can be paved within one to two days. Again weather and size factoring fluctuating results, this process is done fairly swiftly to maintain the comfort of your home.

With our certified crew members, they will come in and begin the installation process with efficiency and proper practice. There are a handful of fundamental machines used to execute the paving process. Some steps may be omitted depending on whether you’re starting from scratch or resurfacing or repairing your existing driveway. For example, your driveway may require a pavement milling step to excavate any existing concrete or pavement material to start the asphalt paving process. Also, expect to see material transfer vehicles, asphalt paving equipment, compactors and various other tools used to pave a perfect asphalt driveway.


The final step in the installation process of your asphalt driveway is after the paving work is done, the crew has finished and it’s time for you to maintain your home’s newest addition. Maintenance is a crucial aspect of care for your asphalt driveway allowing a longer lifespan. As mentioned, we recommend seal coating your surface upon completion, as well as, follow some simple driveway duties that will help prevent aging, cracking and erosion.

Nashville’s Roadbuilders Paving

As always we are here for your paving needs in middle Tennessee. Speak with an asphalt expert today to see if an asphalt driveway is what your home needs. We also are available for repairs and resurfacing. We’ll help you get the driveway of your dreams!

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