Essential Questions to Ask When Hiring in a Professional Paving Contractor

Sometimes DIY is just too risky. You run the risk of causing more issues. Certain jobs require a professional and paving asphalt is one of them. Hiring the right contractor affects the results of your project. Choose wisely. If you've never hired someone in this capacity before, we've got some tips for you to ensure you are getting the best one and at the best price.

How long have you been paving?

The quality of the work is directly proportional to the experience. You want someone who knows what they are doing to lay your blacktop. The job requires a little more than just laying aggregate. It needs to be designed to have a proper drainage system to help with water runoff. The more experience under their belt, the better.

Do you have a license and insurance?

Businesses need a license and insurance to work in your area. You should never hire a contractor without asking this question first. Taking the time to complete these steps means you're hiring a legitimate company. Insurance is required on the off chance someone from their crew is injured on the job. If there isn't insurance that responsibility could fall to you the home or business owner.

Do you work on commercial or residential properties?

Not all projects are the same. Each one will require attention to detail. How you use the pavement is essential. Commercial properties will be more public and experience heavier traffic than something residential. There is also the knowledge working around traffic commercial asphalt pavers will need to know. Finally, a commercial paver can also stripe and outline important markings such as handicapped parking, pedestrian zones and more. You'll get a lot more of your money's worth by hiring someone with previous experience.

What is included in the work?

Each pavement contractor will have a method for completing their work. Talking with them about what's included will help you decide which one is right for your project. You should be extra considerate about asking if you find someone offering a much lower rate than others in the area. They can do this when they decide not to provide crucial components for laying asphalt -- something that could become a problem much later.

Ready to get started?

Do you have reviews or testimonials from previous clients?

Google is working hard to make buying a product or service easier. They do this by allowing customers to leave reviews about businesses online. Look for these reviews if an asphalt contractor is recommended to you. A quick search online should yield results. If they aren't there, try their website. Most businesses should have more information about what clients are saying about their experience with the contractors.

Can you make recommendations for the project?

Asphalt isn't a one size fits all and shouldn't be implemented that way. A good contractor should assess the area and make recommendations based on what you need. It would be even better if they gave you more than one option. Some jobs might be so severe there is only one available, but the critical part will be whether or not the contractor gives you more details. Transparency is the key to a legitimate business. If you are comfortable with your skill set, you won't need to upsell or force more than what is required to complete the project.

Is there an estimated price for my project?

Most pavers won't be able to tell you how much the project will cost without making a trip to see the property. They need to assess things like the condition and the scope. You might not find a crack threatening, but to a professional, they can tell if the crack has damaged the subsurface. There is also the size of the project, and they will need to see the property to determine where they can safely store their machines to complete the job.

What does the clean up look like?

Paving asphalt can be a messy job, but it looks fantastic once it's completed. Talk to your contractor about what you might need to do regarding clean up when the project is complete. They should handle most of it and leave the area looking better than before they arrived. If there are special instructions, you can talk about it during the quote assessment.

What should I do after the asphalt is laid?

Curing needs to happen before the asphalt is usable. A trusted paver will give you detailed instructions on what that looks like and how long before you can park on your driveway. The time of year will affect how long the curing process will take. The warmer it is, the faster it cures. But, in winter you might be advised to wait an extra day. That means you'll need to find alternate parking. Whatever rules they give you, you will want to adhere to them to ensure the asphalt looks and performs its best.

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