Many individuals choose asphalt as their material of choice for driveways, streets, and parking lots. It's made from a mix of ingredients that are long-wearing and withstand heavy use. At times, there are events beyond our control that blemish the surface. Asphalt patching is a remedy for such a malady and will add years to its lifespan.

What is Asphalt Patching?

A prominent concern for most property owners is the financial responsibility. It's normal for aspects of the home or building to need repair or replacement over the years. Fixing your driveway or parking lot can become expensive. Imperfections present themselves naturally with regular use, but there isn't always the need to have brand new pavement put down. That's where asphalt patching comes in handy. Asphalt patching is one of the many preventative treatments you can use on your blacktop to stop minor problems becoming severe issues. At RoadBuilders, our team of experts can assess the current damage to and advise you on the best asphalt patching treatment.


Heavy Traffic Can Ruin Asphalt

Asphalt was designed to help improve traffic. Driving directly on grass or dirt results in unnecessary damage and can lead to traffic accidents. The application of asphalt in high-traffic areas makes it easier for motorists to stay safe. Pavement is a product made from a combination of gravel, rocks, and a binding agent such as tar. The binding agent works to keep the materials together and improve the lifespan of your pavement. Friction from tires will slowly wear down any resin that resides on the surface of your blacktop. That's why most pavements turn to a lighter shade of grey over time rather than getting darker because the tar is coming off. Constant exposure to such friction opens up your blacktop to problems such as potholes, crumbling, or cracks. These issues are not only unsightly, but they can lead to accident and injury.

Water is often asphalt’s biggest enemy, but when a commercial or residential space carries a lot of traffic, it has to contend with gas and oil. Gas and oil are heavy elements that can leak from cars onto the pavement. They are slippery and saturate the surface and sometimes the foundation of asphalt. Over time, the weight of these materials will degrade the quality of your paving job and cause imperfections on the surface. The earlier you can identify the formation of this kind of damage with asphalt patching, the quicker you can prevent the problem from becoming worse or spreading beyond repair.

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Surface Damage to Pavement

The implementation of asphalt to a parking lot, driveway, or street should include proper drainage. The effluent needs somewhere to runoff, or it will wreak havoc on the blacktop weakening the characteristics that make it incredibly durable. Asphalt is designed to be long-lasting and should interact well with heavy traffic and different weather conditions. However, some events are beyond control. Heavy rains or snow result in surface water on the pavement. Without proper drainage, the liquid has nowhere to go and rests. As an element, water is surprisingly heavy and will encourage premature wear-n-tear from the added weight.

Weather threatens asphalts condition in other ways as well. As most Tennessee residents will contest, summers are beautiful, but temperatures can climb pretty high. UV rays from the sun strip the material of moisture and force natural oils to mix and become heavier. This process is called oxidation and also makes the gravel and binding agent susceptible to damage. When temperatures hover around freezing, asphalt tightens, and any water that freezes will add tension. It's at this stage the material becomes vulnerable. Compared to other products on the market, asphalt is by far superior. But, there are opportunities for blistering and potholes to appear. That's where asphalt patching services can help.

Asphalt Patching for Residential and Commercial Properties

Asphalt patching works for both residential and commercial property owners. Whether it's your private drive or public parking lot, RoadBuilders can help you prolong the life of your pavement. Through our years of expertise, when can help you devise the best treatment plan to repair any damages caused by traffic or weather. Asphalt patching will add years to your pavement. Contact us today to learn more.